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About Biograd na Moru

Located on a small peninsula, cradled by two bays, Soline and Bošana, Biograd na Moru is a beautiful city in northern Croatia. Known as “the white town on the sea,” Biograd na Moru has a long history of enchanting tourists with pristine beaches and unforgettable entertainment. Travelers started coming to the city of Biograd as early as the 1920s. It now functions as a tourist resort with its first hotel built in 1935.

One of the best times to visit Biograd na Moru is from mid-April to early July. The temperature is usually warm and sunny with the lowest chance of rainfall. If you want to visit when it's warmest, target July and August when the temperature shoots up and the sun shines every day. Prices can spike during this time due to the influx of Europeans on holiday. July is also the least humid month. Although February, March, and November are the windiest months in Croatia, Biograd na Moru is usually calm year-round.

Reaching this city is easy as it's connected to the rest of Croatia via coastal roads. You could even arrive here by plane. Choose between the Zadar airport and the Split airport.

Being on the coast of the Adriatic Sea makes Biograd na Moru a perfect destination for sailing and enjoying the vibrant waters. With many enticing bays, inlets, and harbors, this is one of the best places to bring out the Robinson Crusoe within.

Things to do by boat

The location of Biograd na Moru makes it ideal for boating enthusiasts. You can hire a boat of your choice and go sailing in search of the many islands that surround the region. Don't be afraid to drop anchor and explore the national parks. Tourist boats are available for a one-day trip to nearby locations.

One of the best times to sail in the Adriatic is from April to October when the days are sunny, and the water temperature is perfect for swimming. The entire archipelago of Biograd is a dream-come-true location for any boating enthusiast. With weak sea currents and mild movements of the tide, sailing here is absolute bliss. If you are planning to hire a boat, don’t forget to visit the Kornati archipelago. It has more than 150 islands, cliffs, and inlets and feature on the list-of-favorites among tourists.

Several pristine beaches adorn the city of Biograd. In fact, it's one of the few cities that has many beautiful beaches close to the city center. The four beaches that you must visit while in Biograd include the Soline beach, the Dražica beach, the Crvena Luka beach, and the Bošana beach. Dense pine forests surround most of these beaches, adding a calming shade. Each of the beaches is unique in its appeal. If you are looking for a fun-filled holiday, there's no shortage of activities. You can find cafes, outdoor massages, and many water sports. You can even hire an aqua scooter, pedal boat, canoe, or dinghy to romance with the waters. The Soline Beach, located in the north-eastern part of the city, also has a massive waterslide and a diving center. The beach offers gradual access to the sea, making it ideal for the disabled and families with kids. The Dražica beach also has a waterslide and a diving center.

Boating Events in Biograd na Moru

Every year, Biograd comes alive with a boat show that’s the biggest of its kind in Croatia. The Biograd Boat Show is an event that’s dear to all boat lovers who come from all over to participate in the show, either as viewers or exhibitors. Apart from showcasing new and old boats, there is the warm Biogradian spirit that adds its charm to the environment. If you are catching the show, visit the movable pontoon bridge that connects Main Marina Kornati with Marina Kornati West. It's an unforgettable boat show experience. Each day, the exhibition starts early and lasts until the sunset. It then turns into an on-site program that stretches into the wee hours of the morning.

Biograd also hosts many regattas. Regattas take place throughout the year, so it's worthwhile to check an events calendar if you want to attend.

Other Things to do in Biograd na Moru

If you are looking for an exciting holiday that still provides an opportunity to relax, Biograd na Moru is your ideal destination.

If you love diving, you will find the sea around Biograd especially pleasing. If you're hoping to reel in a big catch and relax with a fishing rod, hit a fishing spot for fresh and seawater fishing around the city. Go for camping and biking to explore the uncluttered environment. You'll uncover where sandy beaches that stretch for miles merging into pine forests. You can also go for a buggy tour if you are in the mood for a short trip to Velebit.

Marinas around Biograd na Moru

Kornati marina is one of the top three marinas in Croatia. Over the past few years, the marina has evolved into its present state in an attempt to accommodate tourists coming here from all over the world. At present, Kornati marina has a total of 854 berths. Out this, 70 are onshore, and 15 piers come with water and electricity. The marina can receive vessels up to 23 meters in length.